“Excellent care and recommendations from vets. Front desk team very friendly and techs are extremely pet friendly. Prices are very reasonable.”
– Dan C.

“Very professional, caring and kind people! They were responsive to my questions and concerns, before and after the appointment. My giant puppy likes Dr. Bob! I highly recommend their services, nice folks!”
– Steve A.

“You all do an outstanding job every day. We will always hold you in the highest esteem.”
– John and Valerie B.

“We very much appreciate your expertise, Dr. Carol, and the sensitivity of every staff member who helped us…Each of you contributed in the kindest, most loving way.”
– Kathy and Ben L.

– Melissa C.

“Visiting from Kentucky and our dog got sick…Saw us quickly and were compassionate and concerned.”
– Jeanne S.

“Scheduling with Michelle was easy, friendly and a happy experience. Thanks.”
– Art K.

“Great job! Friendly, efficient.”
– Chris W.

“Always a pleasure.”
– Pat Y.

“They were really nice, very gentle with my pet. I love this vet.”
– Gwen E.

“We love bringing all of our pets here!!”
– Wendy O.

“Love your staff.”
– Stacee L.

“All five stars. All good. Thanks.”
– Robert D.

“We’ve been coming here for almost 15 years – Always friendly, professional service. Have recommended you to friends.”
– Bonnie G.

“I have never been treated with such care or concern for my Emily. I am very grateful!!”
– Janice H.

“Positive people and professional with caring attitude.”
– Lin P.

“Always amazing care for our zoo!!”
– Jared and Pam S.

“Very kind and professional.”
– Gabrielle P.

“Fantastic care as always!!”
– Zach and Carol Y.

“Always great to come in knowing I will get dealt with honest compassion!!”
– Whitney B.

“I would recommend Paso Petcare to anyone. You all genuinely love animals.”
– April P.

“Sophie is always very well treated and comfortable coming into the office.”
– Patricia J.

“Everyone here has been fantastic. Thank you so much.”
– Gail W.

“Finally a vet I can feel great about going to again.”
– Janet V.

“Very efficient front desk staff. Got me in with an urgent problem…very good people.”
– Teres O.

“Best veterinarian staff! Everyone takes such great care of my animals and me.”
– Diann H.

“All kind, patient and concerned.”
– Alonso C.

“Peanut loves to come here!”
– Eta B.

“So amazing! Thank you!”
– Tammy R.

“Keep up the excellent work.”
– Maria W.

“Thank you Dr. Ann, Dr. Bob, and all the staff for helping us with Nick. You made a very painful situation easier to deal with.”
– Covette B.

“Our thanks to all of you for the 15 years of loving care you have given our pets. We believe in our hearts that the quick responses and knowledgeable treatments from you are what kept them in our lives so long.”
– Joe and Pat B.

“Thank you for all you do with such kindness in taking care of Boxer Bud and his folks.”
– Kathy and Richard B.

“With grateful hearts we thank each and every one of you for the love and care you have given Melanie and to us over the years. Special thanks to Dr. Ann and Debbie.”
– Iris and Fred H.

“Thank you for continuing to support us in providing quality pet care in Paso Robles. With gratitude, The Vineyard Kennels Staff.”
– Carson and Chris S.

“We very much appreciate all your effort and care for Sadie…There are lots of places we could take our dogs but there is nowhere else we would take them other than to see you and your associates. Your genuine care and professionalism are reasons we continually refer friends to Paso Petcare. Thank you again Dr. Bob. You are very special.”
– John and Missy S.

“Dr. Ann and Debbie, thank you thank you thank you for all you have done to keep our family healthy. We appreciate it more than words can express. We love you both.”
– Bette and Greg A.

“We just wanted to thank you all for the wonderful care you have given to all of our 4-legged babies over the years! We truly appreciate all of you and haven’t said it enough, so thank you so much Paso Petcare staff.”
– Holly, Russell, Madi and Abby G.

“We want to thank everyone at Paso Petcare for the years of care.”
– Rick and Judy E.

“Old and new pets, I bring them all here and will keep coming back.”
– Wendy O.

“Clean – kind – caring – compassionate.”
– Cat and Mike V.

“Great customer service.  Compassionate with pets.”
– Angela B.

“We would not trust the care of our animals to anyone else!”
– Kate and Ryan S.

“Our family loves coming to Paso Petcare. Best vet/staff we’ve ever had.”
– Zach and Carol Y.

“Our first time here and everyone was great!”
– The McDougall Family

“You guys keep up the good work!”
– Jeremy C.

“The staff at Paso Petcare… Thank you so much for being so kind to our precious “Hugs”. He was very fortunate to have each one of you in his life. A special mention to Dr. Bob for his kindness and professionalism.”
– Sheerin and Tim C.

“Emma & Lindsey & Michelle super helpful and kind. Dr. Bob is Wonderful!”
– Angela V.

– Jerry C.

“Great staff! Great veterinarian care!”
– Jennifer V.

“My only regret is that we didn’t use this facility for our Labrador.”
– Charlene and Timothy A.

– Roxanna M.

– George P.

“Dr. Allyson is great!”
– Betsy H.

“Love Dr. Bob and Paso Petcare staff.  You all are awesome to our furry babies.”
– The Holderness Family

“Happy 12th birthday to my boy ‘Hector’. A Huge thank you to the vets and all the staff at Paso Petcare for making sure he saw this next birthday.”
-Karen T.

“To the ENTIRE STAFF at Paso Petcare – You all are the most amazing people on the entire planet! For years you have kept my fur family healthy and happy. I can’t thank you enough for your dedication and patience in helping us to care for our family. Keep up the amazing work!”
-The T. Family

“Thank you for making Buie’s last moments peaceful, kind, harmonious and loving… It’s never easy to lose a beloved companion, but you all created the perfect environment and gave me the tools to make the right decision.”
-Robin M.

“The BEST vets! Super nice staff, clean office, very accommodating and friendly. Dr. Bob was really good with our cat – so happy we found this place!”
-Happy G.

“My family loves this place. All of our small animals come here for their care. All the people are kind, knowledgeable and care about you as well as your pets. All of our little animals come here for care.”
-Molly M.

“I agree with my son and have copied his review to post as mine also. We love this place, they’re the best. This pet care facility is so amazing, everyone is so great and caring. We have been using these vets for years for our various pets over the years since moving to Paso Robles . They have taken excellent care of our pets and when their time has come to cross the rainbow bridge the staff has shown us great compassion, even sending us condolence cards in memory of our pets. I think this is what has really endeared them to us, their care and compassion.”
-Mary P.

“I love Paso Petcare! I have been using them for many years for my cats, all of which were homeless at one time. They treat my animals with love and respect and they always do their best for my babies. They are also very good to me and give me options on care when possible and no guilt for whichever decision I make. I really value their opinions and the front staff is always cheerful and good to everyone… I consider them my friends and feel very fortunate to have them in my life and taking care of my cats.”
-Heidi H.

“It had been a team effort to give Gerry his happiest and healthiest last couple of years. This was my first experience adopting a senior rescue and I could not have navigated giving him the best care possible without the entire team at Paso Petcare.. Thank you.”
-Paula V.

“Really great group of people here! Very friendly and professional; they are accommodating, competent at their craft, and have fair prices. They also do a clinic once a month for things like vaccinations. I have had all my cats and dogs there (total of 6), and I have always been a happy customer.”
-Lucas C.

“Our Family can’t begin to express our Thanks for all the compassion, understanding and sympathy you have shown us throughout the lives of ALL our girls. Thank you from Our Hearts.”
-Roxanna and Richard M.

“Thank you for the Love and Caring you have shown Pearl and me. You are all very lovable and special.”
-Lynda R.

“Dr. Bob, Thanks so much for all the time you spent on Zac. We really appreciate all your concern and love you show to Zac and Max.”
-Jan and Rick A.

“We want to thank you for all being so kind and compassionate to us people and our loved furry friends. It is truly a pleasure to have such a wonderful place filled with people we trust to take good care (physically and emotionally) of our pets.”
-Kevin & Heather M.

“Thank you for everything you did for our dog Rico. It was comforting to know he was in kind and loving hands.”
-The T. Family

“Thank you very much for your time and kindness.”
-Cheri S.

“Thank you for being kind. I appreciate your special effort.”
-Dennis H.

“All of you people are some of the sweetest humans we have ever met. Anyone that loves animals the way you do has to be special.”
-David & Edith E.

“Thank you all so much for all the compassion and care you have shown. I will always remember all of you and the kindness you have always shown…”
-Jan A.

“Dear Ann and Debbie – Thank you Thank you Thank you for all you have done to help keep our family Healthy. We appreciate it more than words can say.”
-Bette and Greg A.

“We just wanted thank you all for the wonderful care you have given to all of our 4-legged babies over the years! We truly appreciate all of you and haven’t said it enough…”
-Holly and Russell G.

“All at Paso Petcare – Thanks for all the TLC for Spay Day. We really appreciate all your hard work, supplies, and feral cat skills. You are all making a big difference for our kittens. You’re the Best!”
-Pause Cause

“Dear Doctor Carol – your compassion and loving care when we had to put Joli to sleep meant so much to us, and we are truly grateful…Our Thanks to you and your co-workers for being kind and sympathetic to our grief.”
-Bob and Norma R.

“It’s wonderful knowing people as kind and considerate as you are. Thank you for all you have done.”
-Ron and Meagan F.

“Dr. Bob and Staff – Just wanted to say Thank you for helping me care for Buddy. Between us Buddy was able to have a good life. Special Thanks to Dr. Bob for…making Buddy’s passing peaceful.”
-Candy S.

“We want to thank everyone at Paso Petcare for the years of care for our dog Shell. She lived a long full life and it’s that kind of care that contributed to her nearly 12 years. A special thanks to Dr. Bob…”
-Rick and Judy E.

“To Dr. Bob and the Paso Petcare staff – Thank you for all you do with such kindness in taking care of Boxer Bud and his folks.”
-Kathy and Richard B.

“Just a note of thanks for always fitting Maddie in for nails clips, We definitely know she’s not a peach when we bring her in; a hii, claw and growl are all you get but we get a great feeling knowing how good care you take of her while she’s there. Thank you so much!”
-Bryan V. and Sarah T.

“Blessing and love to EACH of you Paso Petcare friends…my love and gratitude.”
-Miss L.

“With grateful heart we thank each and every one of you for the love and care given to Melanie and to us over the years. Special thanks to Dr. Ann…and to dear wonderful Debbie with her wisdom and love for helping us and Melanie through the difficult time last night”
-Iris and Fred H.

“Dear Dr. Bob: we didn’t want you to think that your taking time from your day off to check on Sadie Lou had gone unnoticed. It hasn’t. We very much appreciate all you effort and care for Sadie…and for you follow-up calls…Thanks so much…You are very special.”
-John and Missy S.

“Dear Paso Petcare -Thank you so much for seeing ‘Banny’ on a Saturday. You saved our boy and we are forever grateful!! He is back to eating and frolicking around in his cage like normal. You made teo little girls very happy…”
-Robin M.

“Dear Dr. Bob – I wish to thank you for the interest and great care you have given my sweet dog Molly Magee! You gave her life back for she is again her happy self, playing and giving kisses! You’re the Greatest!””
-Marlys S.

“Thank you Dr. Ann, Dr. Bob, and all the staff for helping us with Nick. You made a very painful situation easier to deal with. I wish Nick was still here so he could say Thank you too.”
-Colette B.

“To all who cared for our Ginger! We wanted to Thank You for the immediate care you gave Ginger! She has healed well…She and her ‘Sister’ are behaving well! Thank Goodness! Thank You again.”
-Karen and Loren M.

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