We truly appreciate being entrusted with the care of each beloved pet and we understand the importance of their owner’s participation in that care.  In addition to providing excellent medical care, we are dedicated to “Caring for Pets and their People” by establishing and maintaining strong owner-pet-provider relationships based on mutual respect and consideration, communication, and compassion.  Our staff is always here for you and for your pet, and we are always happy to answer questions and concerns from our clients at any time.


Dr. Robert Johnson completed his undergraduate studies in 1974 with his Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from Pennsylvania State University and then attended the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, earning his degree as a Veterinary Medical Doctor in 1978. After graduation, he continued his education attending Farrier school and then completing an externship in Large Animal Medicine and Surgery from the University of Georgia Veterinary School. Dr. Bob practiced both small and large animal medicine in multiple settings for over 25 years before relocating to Paso Robles from San Diego in 2008; he still maintains his licensing to practice in six states, but fortunately for us, he now calls Paso Petcare home. Outgoing and exuberant, Dr. Bob has a very loyal clientele that really appreciates his dedication to his profession and his patients. Over the years of practice, he has developed a particular interest in oncology and surgery, finding these cases very challenging.  When not stopping by the clinic on his days off, Bob enjoys many outdoor activities, including his “55 and Better” softball team, hiking, cycling, and kayaking, as well as working with children – often volunteering at his kids’ schools and participating in the “Dad’s Club.” AND, as most people know, Bob is an avid Steeler’s fan!


Michelle McCornack earned her Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo in 2000 and then worked in a small animal and equine veterinary practice for several years before becoming part of our Paso Petcare family in 2002. Over the next few years, she completed the practical and educational requirements that qualified her to sit for the California state licensing exam to become a Registered Veterinary Technician, which she passed in July 2010. In addition to the responsibilities of her technician position, Michelle is also an administrative assistant, doing the majority of the purchasing for our hospital, as well as assisting in training new employees, and she fills in at our front desk as needed; she really enjoys the combination of her technician/reception duties with the administrative/ management part of the business. Outside of work Michelle enjoys music, watching professional football, cooking, spending time with family and friends, and cuddling with her dog Lucy.


Kelli Butkovich waited patiently for months until an opening came up so she could join our staff and has been with us since 2016. Her prior animal care included work as a pet sitter, dog walker, and kennel worker; she also brought over 4 years of excellent customer service experience to her new position. She has been a great addition, learning her technician skills and responsibilities very quickly and enthusiastically, as well as developing a wonderful rapport with both her co-workers and our clients with her calm, considerate demeanor. Outside of work, Kelli loves outdoor activities, going to concerts and spending time with her family – and her “fat, spoiled cat” Rocky.


Emma Yarmuth was new to our area when she started with us in 2017. Aside from treating and medicating her own pets, she was also new to the veterinary profession; however, she had always had a passion for animals and the desire to work in this field. Drawing on a successful management and customer service background in retail, she was able to apply her skills to her new position and has excelled. She loves both the medical and people aspects her of her job and looks forward to learning something new every day. Emma also enjoys spending leisure time with family and friends, time at the lake, and watching sports – especially as an avid San Francisco Giants and 49er fan.


Lynsey Cervenka started in the animal care field in 2012 working at a shelter, cleaning cages and feeding the cats and dogs, and slowly worked her way up to training as a veterinary assistant. She brought this background experience to us in late 2017 and continues to expand her veterinary skill set. She enjoys the ever-changing challenges of her job, especially helping our clients and their pets. In addition to the joy she gets from cuddling her own dog Frank and her two cats, Bud and Dusty, Lynsey likes to hang out with her friends, try new foods and loves anything colorful – from rainbows to unicorns.


Nancy Shively was new to our area when she was hired in May 2016 and very excited to join our Paso Petcare team. While she did not have direct veterinary experience, she has experience in the human medical field as a licensed Respiratory Therapist, having earned her Associates of Science degree in 2003. She also has experience in office management, which includes skills that are very helpful in her receptionist position. Nancy is self-motivated, learns quickly and is always enthusiastic. In her spare time, she likes to visit and spoil her ten nieces and nephews, love on her own four furry babies, watch her favorite television shows, and go out occasionally to the beach, shopping, dinner, and movies.


Laurie Meinecke has been part of our Paso Petcare family since 2003. Recently relocated to the Central Coast at that time, she joined us with an impressive 18 years of experience at a Southern California veterinary practice, including reception, technician, accounts payable/receivable, payroll and as Office Manager. Laurie truly excels in customer service and is a great team member – always ready to take on any task – she has been instrumental in training and assimilating new employees into our practice. In her free time, Laurie enjoys gardening, eating out with friends, and most of all visiting / spoiling her grandchildren. Reaching a milestone birthday in 2018, she is “retired” but still helps out as we need her.


Singe came to us in 2004 as the victim of animal abuse, having been dowsed with lighter fluid and set on fire. She was found by a client and rushed to our hospital in very critical condition. Fortunately, someone thought this pitiful little kitten looked hungry and offered her some food, which she very happily ate; that was her saving grace as we decided to give her a chance as long as we could keep her out of pain! After several surgeries, including a complicated and creative skin graft, and weeks of treatment, she survived – though minus a couple of her nine lives. No one was ever identified or charged for the terrible act of cruelty that brought Singe to us, but we are grateful she came into our lives and our hospital. For over thirteen wonderful and spoiled years, Singe helped educate about animal abuse and the wonderful possibilities of veterinary medicine. Sometimes our official greeter at the front desk – occasionally digging in client purses or chattering at the birds she saw outside; other times keeping tabs on our hospitalized patients to offer moral support, she lived a happy, healthy life before succumbing to cancer in 2017. During her lifetime she was a loving little celebrity in our community and while she is missed by all who had the privilege to know her, we know her spirit remains part of our team – watching over us and our patients… Thanks to Singe, we have a donation fund in place to help us Care for Pets and their People, learn more about the Singe Fund here.